Site Promotion – How I Found Inbound Links in My Backyard

Are you drilling in your own backyard for oil? In 1982 a Texas oilman was spending millions exploring for oil off the coast when one day a geologist offered to do some research on the oilman’s 2,000 acre ranch. On the advice of the geologist he drilled on his land less than 500 feet from his 52 year old three bedroom farm house. His first well was a gusher and is still pumping today. He built a new mansion a quarter mile away.

Here is the point: Many times your product or service can target a geographical area and reap the rewards. If you have a local chamber of commerce, schools near you, and businesses, by making personal contact you could establish valuable inbound links. Visit your local library.

Start blogging and advertising locally and make connections. Offer to create a local directory, web page or blog for your town or neighborhood, and join local associations. While the traffic you drive to your website locally might be minimal, the inbound links could have quality page rank.   

People develop trust with other people far sooner in person than via the Internet. Get out and meet people and let them know what you do and find out what they do. You might have a neighbor running a website that would be a great place for your inbound link. By starting a local directory you can find out just what websites are in your area.  You never know what might be in your backyard!

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